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Member Spotlight

Vistage Florida's Impact On Members

Chad Hazen: Vistage Pays For Itself

The benefit of Vistage is the ability to work with other like-minded business owner and CEOs, sit in an environment and basically get an unbiased, but friendly, outlook on your problems and concerns. They give you different ways of looking at things. A lot of the Vistage meetings and the speakers have provided me the tools to be able to go back and coach and lead, and it has helped significantly.

I would say it is absolutely worth making the investment.

I have been in Vistage now three years, and I don’t think twice about the time investment because it is one day a month, then a separate one to one. The time investment is really nothing, and even the financial investment - there are black and white instances, I know sometimes it is intangible with the leadership and the motivation and the things we can do for our employees, but there have been black and white, just dollars that I have already received back more than I have paid into Vistage.



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