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Member Spotlight

Vistage Florida's Impact On Members

Courtney Gaik: Vistage Is A Powerful Addition To Your Professional Career

Part of being a part of Vistage is figuring out how to carve that one day out of your schedule at work and take a break. One of the speakers we had put it so well he said, "Everyone knows when you are training for a marathon, it is work, work, rest, work, work, rest". What we forget to do in business is to take that rest. We think, "I am going to work around the clock, I am going to burn the midnight oil" But you have never met a marathoner who said, “I ran 23 hours a day and that is how I won the race.”?

Take a Break

So, it is so important to take that day away to catch your breath to get a different perspective. What you find is that you are actually more productive when you go back to work than if you had just kept going through the grind, so I have found that taking that day away from the office is actually so beneficial both to the company and to me. You find yourself applying the values and the principles of Vistage in your everyday life both personally and , and I think it is a wonderful addition to your professional career.



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