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Vistage Florida's Impact On Members

Tucker Paving Builds on Vistage

Most entrepreneurs dread being disconnected from their business for a whole day, but Chip Tucker feels exactly the opposite. “My Vistage day is the best day of my month,” he says. “It’s a chance for me to step back and listen to discussions about issues and opportunities facing like-minded business people in an open, positive nature.”

Like many entrepreneurs, Tucker started Tucker Paving with a loan from his father, a friend and some old run-down equipment. Today, his client list is a “who’s who” of major central Florida developers, theme parks, and government agencies and he credits Vistage with much of his success.

“In 2008, right before the recession, we were at about $24 million in sales, we dropped to about $6 million because we’re so driven by development, but now we’re looking at nearly $50 million for 2017 – and a lot of that is due to Vistage.”

Tucker Paving is approaching 1.5 million hours worked without a lost time accident. This is due to increased emphasis on our safety program, a major concern for clients like Disney, the Florida Department of Transportation and local airports. “That’s not only increased revenues by opening new doors but saved money on worker’s compensation costs,” Tucker adds.article-image-e1442596635431

In fact, Tucker believes so strongly in Vistage that his executive vice president (who is also his step-brother) is in a different Vistage group, and his son is a member of the Vistage Key Executive Program and will eventually move to a group for CEOs.

“Chip is the poster child for Vistage,” notes Vistage Chair Dick Pellegrini. “He’s very focused on the Key Performance Indicators and he’s seen remarkable growth since he joined this group as a charter member in 2010.”

Tucker started off with a private coach to help build his business but was looking for something different when he first met Pellegrini. “I like the open positive attitude of this group, and the opportunity to discuss new ideas and concepts with people I know and trust.”

The speakers that are always part of a Vistage day also have been outstanding, Tucker said. “We’re talking to one or two of them about coming back to Winter Haven so our team members can hear their presentations.”


 Speak to a Vistage Expert 

Speak to a Vistage Expert


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