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Member Spotlight

Vistage Florida's Impact On Members

Courtney Gaik: Vistage Is A Powerful Addition To Your Professional Career

Part of being a part of Vistage is figuring out how to carve that one day out of your schedule at work and take a break. One of the speakers we had put it so well he said, "Everyone knows when you...

Sunit Sanghrajka: Vistage Provides Accountability

One of the key things that we have implemented with traction that came from Vistage is having accountability. Having a scorecard, a weekly scorecard of your financials, basically all of your Key...

Tucker Paving Builds on Vistage

Most entrepreneurs dread being disconnected from their business for a whole day, but Chip Tucker feels exactly the opposite. “My Vistage day is the best day of my month,” he says. “It’s a chance for...

Jacob Martinez: The Value to Peer-to-Peer Groups

Vistage has really helped guide me through the process of growing my business by providing me a sounding board, getting me together with local business owners and local business leaders who have...

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