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Dean Minuto: Top 5 Tips to Getting a 'Yes'

When people ask Dean Minuto what he does, he tells them he teaches a summary course in brain science. In this presentation, Dean helps people get to "yes" faster with the top 5 tips from his YESCALATE: GET TO YES FASTER® Course:



Tip #1

If you've been through Dean’s sessions before, you know he creates maps to help you craft a "yes," and help you become a better "yes" crafter. Here is the number one tip from his top 10 list, based on the feedback from executives who attend his sessions:

If you need a "yes" from someone, always remember there are only five ways for you to get information into their brain—through the five senses: the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, or the skin. Of them, the fastest way to get information to someone's brain, to get a "yes" faster, is through the eyes. Information gets to the brain 30 times faster through the eyes than through the ears. So here's the most significant tip Dean can give you: never say it if you can show it.

Tip #2

When it comes to getting a "yes" faster, the second biggest tip to remember is this: anyone that you want to get a "yes" from is focused on their survival, and they are more likely to say "yes" to something if it appears safe than if it appears risky. So here's the huge tip: any time you want to ask for a "yes," break that "yes" into a series of small commitments. Large commitments are risky; people avoid large commitments. Think about the "yes" you're going to ask for and break it up into a series of smaller commitments.

Tip #3

Here’s a huge tip from the top 10 tips in Dean’s YESCALATE® Course: remove the obstacles to someone saying "yes" to you. Here's how you can do that: you and your team should ask the question, "What are the first three things a person has to do to say yes, and can we eliminate one of them this week?"

Tip #4

One of the major takeaways that people get from Dean’s course is to remember that the way people pay attention is actually predictable. The brain—anyone's brain— predictably uses energy. People pay attention at the beginning and at the end of any event, and they fall asleep in the middle. Scientists call this the curve of human attention. So here is your tip for the day: remember that the first thing you go in and talk about is the time when you have their brain paying the most attention. If you could only show them one slide, make sure it's at the beginning of your presentation.

Tip #5

Here's a top 10 tip: anyone you want to get a "yes" from, remember that their brain, below the level of consciousness, releases dopamine when you pay them a compliment. We're more likely to say "yes" to people we like than people we don't like—all the research supports that. One of the kinds of people we like is someone who likes us. The way someone knows you like them is to pay them a compliment. So in a business setting, focus on your team's best practices. What are they doing well?

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Who is Dean Minuto?

Dean is a leading expert in sales, with 25 years of experience. He has coached over 9,000 CEOs and  other executives, and countless sales and other employees. In June 2015, Dean was named Vistage’s 2015 Speaker of the Year. Dean's professional knowledge is founded on multi-disciplinary research in neurobiology, other sciences, psychology, sales techniques and marketing. Through his work to coalesce findings from these various areas of study, he has developed deep insights into the process of "getting to yes", the details of which revelations he shares with his audiences.

Dean teaches a summary course in brain science—including discussions of registering information, persuasion and decision making processes. The course helps sales professionals and business leaders better understand how the brain processes inputs that enable "getting to yes". Dean discusses the astounding impacts of visual media in contrast to speech or other audible inputs. His program provides methods for alleviating instinctive safety and security concerns and overcoming risk aversion. He explains the brain processes for obtaining "yes" responses, including breaking down large decisions into series of smaller commitments. Dean's Top 10 Tips for rapid "Yescalation" are featured as well as strategies for removing obstacles to "yes" decisions. The course examines the things a prospect must do in order to say yes, and reveals ways to eliminate each of those obstacles. Overall, the course examines the predictable ways that the brain uses energy, and covers methods for integrating knowledge gained in the discussions into marketing, sales and management methodologies.


You can check out Dean's website and learn how to get to 'yes' faster here.

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