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Transform Your Leadership Through Growth Strategies & Executive Coaching

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Becoming a better leader, making better decisions, and getting better results is a win-win for you and your company.

By implementing methods such as simple observation and peer outreach, you can hone in on the details that drive long-term growth.

Here’s how to transform your leadership through growth strategies and executive coaching.

What Strategies Can I Use for Leadership Growth?

First, you need to define your leadership style. Then, you can enhance those skills. Let’s explore some growth strategies.

Seek Feedback

Seeking feedback from people in your company and executives in a peer advisory group like Vistage is invaluable. As a CEO, Lasky took advice from her CFO and included an oppositional team member in a critical strategic committee. She was pleasantly surprised to find the employee to be the most valuable member of the committee.

Observe What Works

Whether through leadership books, peer groups, or even subordinates in your own company, observing the effects of other’s styles helps inform your own.


“A big reason that Vistage is so powerful is all the vicarious learning that happens. When you’re in a group of diverse peers from diverse industries, you get the opportunity to play in someone else’s sandbox without having skin in the game.” — John Baines, Vistage Chair

Partner With a Coach 

At Vistage, we like to say it’s not about answering your questions but questioning your answers. Sometimes the anti-TED talk swirling in your mind is defeatist and judgmental instead of inspirational.


“The benefit of executive coaching is that sometimes you just need a voice outside the one in your head, one that knows enough about business to ask the right questions and moves you to do better.” — Francine Lasky, Vistage Chair

What Are the Benefits of Executive Coaching?

When you embrace executive coaching, you become a better leader, and your company reaps the rewards. Let’s look at the benefits.

Helps You Achieve Goals Faster

Most business leaders don’t have the time or desire to deal with the fallout from decisions made in haste. Executive coaching keeps you focused and strategic. You achieve your goals faster, avoid time-consuming mistakes, and spend more time on your big-picture vision for your company.

Provides Accountability 

After you’re clear on the goals you need to achieve, an executive coach holds you accountable with a step-by-step plan and deadlines. A good coach isn’t going to accept excuses either. They keep you on track, and you thank them for it every step of the way.

Identifies Blind Spots

The only way to see your blind spots is to have someone point them out to you. Your staff, friends, and loved ones aren’t going to do it. An excellent executive coach sees what you’re missing so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Delivers Unbiased Feedback

Diverse perspectives are critical in helping you become a more effective, well-rounded leader. You listen to your executive coach without interrupting or thinking about what you’re going to say next. Staying focused this way opens your mind to take in the feedback. 

Allows You to Address Big Picture Issues

You step away from the day-to-day emergencies during meetings with your executive coach. You get clear on your priorities, address the issues that are holding you back, and move your business forward in the direction of your dreams—instead of spinning your wheels on the same problems.

Makes You a Better Decision-Maker

When you must make a critical decision, there’s some information you just can’t share with your staff. And, sometimes, even trusted advisors can’t fully grasp the situation. With an executive coach and a peer group of CEOs and business owners, you get the confidence and support to make better decisions.

What Is Vistage’s Executive Coaching Process?

Vistage’s comprehensive executive coaching process features several core elements. Let’s break down this proven approach.

Executive Peer Group Meetings

Once a month, you meet with more than a dozen high-caliber local executives in person or online for a full day under the leadership of an executive coach. Your peers come from all types of non-competing organizations and industries. 

All meetings are 100% confidential, which allows you to speak freely and candidly about your most significant pain points and goals. These gatherings enable you to discuss both professional and personal challenges.

1-on-1 Sessions With Executive Coach

With decades of top executive experience, your coach guides the discussion. Mentors must meet specific criteria to work with Vistage. They have been diligently vetted and formally prepared to work with your group. No matter how successful a coach has been in their career, they must complete six months of award-winning learning and development to master the Vistage model.

Thought Leadership Guest Speakers

A world-class speaker leads the charge. Vistage is fortunate to have access to many of the most prestigious presenters in the world. Whether it’s hiring and retaining top talent, succession planning, or adapting to new technology, members keep up with the latest best practices and how to implement them.

These presenters usually speak to large, sold-out audiences. However, Vistage members work with them in intimate settings. Presentations are even more dynamic, relevant, and interactive in an exclusive group. They’re more like roll-up-your-sleeves workshops than talks.

Global CEO Support Network

Our members have access to a wealth of relevant content, proprietary data, and thoughtful analysis by the top minds in business through the Vistage Research Center. You also tap into a global support network of trusted business leaders, subject-matter experts, and 23,000+ other high-caliber members worldwide.

Leadership Growth Strategies & Executive Coaching

Now you know how to transform your leadership through growth strategies and executive coaching.

When you incorporate these methods into your professional life, you get better business performance and improved leadership.

Use these resources to boost your motivation and make decisions with more confidence.

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