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Patrick S. Renvoise: Neuromarketing- Decoding the Science of Persuasion

The number one skill to be a great CEO is often listed as communication. Yet being a great communicator is only half of the solution: being a great persuader is the real objective. Every CEO wants to find the buy button to his/her ideas in the brain of his/her customers, employees and vendors.


Unfortunately, persuasion is often considered more of an art than a science, and the real experts in persuasion don’t belong to the business world. They are psychology or neuroscience researchers who have rarely left their lab and who are more interested in arguing with their colleagues about the irrationality of human behavior rather than coming up with a simple yet scientific model to help business people.

But there is now a solution: it’s called Neuromarketing!

Started about 15 years ago the promise of Neuromarketing is to help business people become better persuaders. It is about using science to help your stakeholders better understand why they should buy from you and from you alone! It is about capturing the attention of your prospects, about convincing them and finally about closing them.

science of persuasio.png

Long time Vistage speakers Christophe Morin PhD, and Patrick Renvoise revealed the first model of persuasion in 2002 and published it in the #1 selling book on Neuromarketing: Understanding the buy button in your customers’ brain (sold more copies than the sum of the next 3 bestselling books on neuromarketing including Neuromarketing for Dummies).

They revealed NeuroMap which promised to highlight a scientific path to that buy button by simply answering 4 simple questions:

  • What are the PAINS in the brain of your audience?
  • What are your CLAIMS to eliminate those PAINS?
  • What will they GAIN if they choose you?
  • How do you communicate to their PRIMAL BRAIN?

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In the end it is about understanding the PRIMAL BRAIN of your audience and Patrick Renvoise demonstrated the role of the Primal Brain in his TED talk:



If you want to learn more about the Primal BRAIN you may want to investigate the new book that will be released on May 15, 2018: tinyurl.com/yd3a27f5

the persuasion code.png

There Christophe and Patrick make simple the complex neurophysiologic processes necessary for your stakeholders to adopt your ideas. They reveal the Persuasion Code!

Their Vistage presentation has also been totally updated.


What are people saying about Patrick Renvoise?

“I love NeuroMap. This simple, yet scientifically proven method has increased my revenues over 600% in the last 5 years!  It’s so easy to implement and always delivers results that far exceed my expectations.”

----Bart Garvin CEO Garvin Industries Vistage member in Chicago


"Seven years ago I decided to hire SalesBrain to help center our message on a clear set of 3 reasons why our customers should buy from us (our Claims). As a result, in 7 years our revenues have been multiplied by 7 reaching into the $100MM range. Using brain science to focus our message on the WHY US has been key to achieving this growth. Thank you SalesBrain!"

--Jennifer Smith CEO Innovative Office Solutions


"The Sales reps that have taken up the neuromarketing methodology are selling 50% more than the rest of our team.”

--Glenn Horton, CEO The Horton Group, Vistage Member in Chicago


“We experienced a 34.87% increase in revenues-- Nine months prior to SalesBrain compared to nine months after SalesBrain.”

--Paul Gross, President and CEO HSG Code Blue


“I had a meeting with a client this morning that I lost to a competitor about 2 years ago when the CFO changed. We finally got an appointment after calling for over 18 months. We had 1 shot at this because the guy was tired of hearing from us so I decided to step out on Patrick Renvoise's ledge and I brought $111,476 in cash with me – this was the dollar amount that we collected for them in 2004 [we’re a collection agency]. The beginning of the meeting went well but I was not going to be walking out the door with anything more than a thank you so when it came time to tell him how important his account was to us I opened the briefcase- - - his eyes were huge (I felt like a drug dealer). The contract was signed 15 minutes later… I was not mugged and the money is back at the bank. Unbelievable!”


--Mary Chatelle CEO Clark County Collection Agency, Vistage member in Las Vegas


"Several of us just finished the most awesome, ass kicking sales presentation for Lockheed this coming Tuesday.   Nearly all visual, and we clearly solicit the pain, made three claims (each supported with actual testimonials which oddly enough all come from Lockheed).  This is the best presentation that we have ever done. I cannot imagine us not winning this business. You know, it is funny. Patrick made a joke about if we pick up one essential thing from his presentation, if that would pay our Vistage dues for that next 10 years.  I did a calculation.  If we win this Lockheed deal alone, Patrick’s presentation will cover my Vistage dues for the next 40 years!!!!”

--Al Brower CEO DSPCon Vistage Member in Philadelphia


“We were notified today that we have become the integrator of choice.  The first phase is $1.7 MM.  You could call it dumb luck, but I used Patrick's U curve and the green apple theory and it sure seems to have worked.  I don't think it was a coincidence.”  

--Brad Bartholomew President Professional Video Supply


“Aligning our executive team on a set of consistent Claims, brought us vision and clarity of purpose. More importantly after working with SalesBrain we have grown consistently at over 21% per year for the last 4 years. In an otherwise flat industry, gaining market share brings a big smile on my face!

--Bill Clendenen, CEO Health and Safety Institute


“Today in Sacramento I gave our 2 minute presentation to 20 members of the CA Water Association.  15 other companies were invited to present.  All 15 companies wanted to talk to us one on one afterwards and they took a vote and communicated that ETIC's presentation was by far the best and grabbed their attention. Thanks for everything!”

--Christa Marting ETIC Engineering President/CEO Vistage Member in Oakland


“After the SalesBrain 2 day session, Jared threw together a PowerPoint presentation using your 11 slide format. We were hoping for a $5 million piece of their $40 million business. The meeting began with the customer telling us that the purchase was postponed until 1/2018. Obviously not good news.  But by the end of the meeting the buyer was so impressed, he told us that we 100% nailed what his life was like and that he changed his mind.  He decided to give us (with no bid) a $1-2 million piece of business immediately so we are well positioned and proven when we compete for a $20 mil contract that would start 1/2018. That is an incredible result: our chances to get a $20 mil contract in Jan of 2018 went from near zero at the beginning of the meeting to near 100% by the end of the meeting. All of this is to say thank you.” 

--Rip Collins CEO & President The Matworks Vistage Member in Philadelphia


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