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John Asher: Sales Strategies and The Old Brain 

In his fast paced and interactive seminars, Keynote speaker and best-selling author, John Asher reveals the latest updates on the worldwide explosion of neuroscience studies on human communications and decision making.  All of these research and study results have a direct application to sales (and marketing). 


John will cover a number of results that TOTALLY upset what salespeople have always been taught as the right thing to do in sales :

The presentation architecture used by the elite salespeople

Should you be the first, second or third company to present?

The surprising science behind listening  

What you need to do to replace an incumbent when the prospect is satisfied

The highest compliment that you can pay another person

The architecture  for the most impactful videos

The five key words that immediately wake up the buyer’s emotional decision making brain

The key elements of an impactful, exciting, engaging and emotional  customer story

What you need to do if you are selling a commodity and a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is unattainable

And MUCH, MUCH  more.  

Attendees  take away specific easily implementable action items that will make an immediate impact on their closing rates.

You can view a 20 minute Keynote talk here that provides answers to the above mentioned questions:



Who is John Asher?

John Asher was the captain of two nuclear submarines. He then co-founded an engineering company that grew at a 42% compounded annual growth rate for 14 years. John's sales advisory services firm has trained more than 70,000 salespeople in 22 developed countries. He has given over 1,000 talks world-wide for Vistage and has received the Lifetime Speaker Award for his exceptional contributions of knowledge to benefit Vistage members.

John's fast-paced interactive training seminars reveal the latest information from the global explosion of neuroscience studies on human communication and decision-making processes. John explains the direct application of the research results to increase success in sales and marketing. He covers a number of scientific results that entirely overturn what salespeople have learned to do from conventional sales training. He shares the communications structures upon which today's elite sales professionals intuitively build their presentations. And, he reveals the surprising science involved in listening. He maps strategy for replacing a current supplier, even when the prospect is not dissatisfied. John discusses key words that work to immediately "wake up" buyers' emotional decision-making functions in the brain. He also covers the necessary architecture for maximally impactful video. And, he explains what must be done if you are selling a commodity, if a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) appears unattainable. Much more is covered in this high-value, information-packed program. Attendees can expect to come away with specific methods that are easy-to-implement and that can make an immediate impact on sales closing rates.


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