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Gerry O'brion: They Buy Your Because

Have you ever watched a TV commercial, or better yet, an infomercial that made you want to buy something, and then you thought…wait a minute…how did they do that? How did the convince me so quickly to want to buy that product? 

I spent my career as a marketing and strategy executive for companies like Procter & Gamble, Coors Light and Red Robin.

During that time, I led the creation of dozens of TV commercials that sold Billions of dollars of cleaners, beers, and burgers. There is a technique that we use in those commercials that influence you to want to buy, and you don’t even know we’re doing it. I’m going to share that secret with you, and you can put it to work right now in your innovation strategy, your messaging, your videos, and your 1:1 sales conversations. It’s called “the power of because”

what is your because? 

I spend my life helping CEOs and executive teams answer one simple question – “What’s your because?” Why will one of your customers buy from you vs. all the other options out there?

I’ll make you a challenge. Walk around your office and ask your employees to finish this sentence: Our customers buy from us vs. our competitors because…?

See how many of the answers are something that your competitors would say, could say, or ARE saying right now. If so, you need to find your own, unique because.


Want more referrals in your business?

Think about the last time you GAVE a referral. Very likely you said “Oh, you’ve go to try Gerry’s Pizza because…” and then you filled in the most compelling words you could think of after the word because… You do this so they take action on your advice.

The reason why we don’t get as many referrals as we want is because we’ve made it too hard for our customers to know what to say after they say the word because. What do you wish your customers would say? If you don’t know, then neither do your customers, and neither do your front line employees or your sales force.

Over and over the CEOs, executives and business owners in my audiences tell me that they’ve drawn the same conclusion from my presentation –

They need to find their because.

Your because is the compelling, believable, repeatable reason why customers are convinced that you can deliver an outcome in way that your competitors cannot, will not, or don’t know how to deliver it. It’s whey they will choose you vs. all the other options out there.


The answer to the question “What’s your because?” can dramatically change your company’s trajectory of success.

I hope to see you in Florida!


 Who is Gerry O’Brion?

Gerry O’Brion works with organizations who want to stand out in crowded marketplaces that are being disrupted by change and pressured by competition. His process drives clarity all the way from the CEO through the front lines. www.whatbigbrandsknow.com

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