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Adrian Cronje, "Back to the Future? What Tax Reform Means For Markets, The Economy, and You" from Atlanta Pro AV on Vimeo.

Member Value:

  • Learn whether the current economic cycle is headed for extra innings
  • Understand both the strengths and limitations of traditional economic forecasting
  • Become empowered with tools you can use to monitor the messages that capital markets send about the future economic environment
  • Learn how those messages may affect your business’s strategic plan
  • Distinguish between noisy headlines versus news that is truly meaningful
  • Determine whether tax reform is “junk food” or “nutrition” and how to prepare your business accordingly
  • Learn how to plan for a transition event



Growing a business to the point of a liquidity event is an incredible entrepreneurial feat. But it’s scary to think about waking up the day after the sale and having no idea what you’re going to do with the rest of your days. The best way to combat this uncertainty is to recognize that the liquidity event will bring significant changes to both you and your family, and to plan for it.

After a long period of economic growth and easy lending conditions coming out of the Great Financial Crisis, the environment over the past several years has been kind to entrepreneurs. One potential consequence, however, is that many business owners have built strategic plans using assumptions which may be too optimistic in coming years.


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Who is Adrian Cronje?

Adrian Cronje, Ph.D., CFA is a founding partner, chief executive officer, and chief investment officer of the Atlanta-based wealth management firm Balentine. Balentine focuses on serving business owners in transition and entrepreneurs. Educated as an economist at Cambridge University and a Vistage 151 member since 2010, Adrian has lent his insight to Vistage members and audiences across the country on how capital markets lead the economy. In this highly rated, interactive session, Adrian explains how to parse the messages capital markets send about the future environment. Adrian makes senses of the many “topics du jour”—including tax reform and international trade in 2018—and provides members with the tools they need to judge how markets will affect both the broader economy and their specific industries and businesses.

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