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Actionable insights for the C-Suite

John Asher: Sales Strategies and The Old Brain 

In his fast paced and interactive seminars, Keynote speaker and best-selling author, John Asher reveals the latest updates on the worldwide explosion of neuroscience studies on human communications...

Bruce Turkel: The Danger of Self-Referencing Criteria

Four blind Indian Fakirs are wandering down a path through the jungle when they bump into something blocking their way.

Sheila Neisler: Time to hit a business “Pause” for a Cause

Cause Marketing may be a path to reboot your company’s culture

“The very practice of management no longer works.   An organization’s growth has been and always will be its workforce.  Organizations...

Adam Robison: Priming for Success

Business Minds Research & Development (BMRD) teaches the sales professional on how to be a great sales professional. They teach everyone to be the best they can be and also teaches them on how to...

Ian Altman: An Approach To Sales Everyone Can Embrace

Is the way your organization executes sales and marketing aligned with how your customers make decisions?  Ian shares research across thousands of executives on how they make and approve decisions....

Dean Minuto: Top 5 Tips to Getting a 'Yes'

When people ask Dean Minuto what he does, he tells them he teaches a summary course in brain science. In this presentation, Dean helps people get to "yes" faster with the top 5 tips from his...

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